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Post Date April 2, 2005 @ 10:57 AM
 Most useful
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What have you found to be the most useful aid on the internet for your ancestry research?  Share your 'find' with others and help them with their research

April 20, 2005 @ 12:47 AM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

I took out a years subcription with ancestory, I know that some people have had problems with them but I can only say as I have found and have been really pleased with the information that I have had.  There is a lot more for us in England now as well.  Genesreunited is very good although in the past month or so I am having problems with the site in that I keep getting a page not found message.  I have started transcribing for BMD, only done my test page as yet, but hope that I will be accepted.  Found it very satisifying, any help is appreciated so if anyone else out there is interested there is information on the free BMD site on how to become a transcriber.
Editor's Comment:  Yes I have heard one or two problems as you say. Only have experience of their message board and that gave me a contact with a very useful source of information.  I joined Genesreunited but sometimes I seem to  be unable to find my way around the material - just me I think.
I was very interested to hear that you may soon be transcribing for Free BMD.  We all moan when its 'down' - just shows how much we rely on it for our proof of discoveries.  Anyone else involved in this work?
Link to Free BMD (Rootsweb logo)  on bottom of front page of (tip when using - don't put too many years in to search at once as you may get a busy message.  Best to do about 5 years and then do a search for the next 5.)  Please keep us informed how its going Janice.