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Post Date May 7, 2012 @ 1:30 PM
 Walden family history

Clem Walden
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About 4 years ago I received the attached letter, [Self explanatory] since that time I have been in constant touch with the writer. The Alfred Walden she mentioned was one of my Ancestors a Stamford man. The  Stamford Walden family tree goes back a long way. But I thought this first letter of enquiry that received may be of interest.
Interestingly; When I was a small child my Father on Sunday's would always be looking at the obituary columns in the News of the World. I often would ask him what he was looking for. He would tell me about his relatives Fanny and Alfred [which were of course mine as well] but he never knew exactly where they were. After his death I decided to research the whole Walden family and have completed our family tree. This original letter I received from Sheila Potter [Nee Walden] Was a blessing and helped me to fill in a few blank areas [so to speak]  
Needless to say I un-covered many sad stories as well as the happy ones. Such as Alfred's Daughter Emma meeting the Queen Mother.  
"I hope you don't mind me writing to you but am in the process of writing a book about my ancestors dating back to the 1880s.  I am trying to trace any Waldens who could be related to me in some way.  I do know my grandfather Alfred William WALDEN was born at Lumby's Terrace Court Stamford on 5 June
1847.  Alfred married Emma Cox in 1870 he was 23 years old when he married.
I also know my grandfather and his wife Emma emigrated to Toronto Canada in the year 1883.  Alfred died in 1924 in Bala Muskoka Canada.I have a day diary of my grandfather's dating back to 1883 - 1924 so I know these facts are true.  Alfred William Walden must have left family here after he left for Toronto.It is those descendants of the family that I am trying to trace now.  Brothers sisters nieces and nephews of Alfred Walden or Emma Cox. Both lived in Stamford in the 1880s.  I am in the process of writing to all the Waldens listed in Lincolnshire in the hope that someone will recall any memories of the Walden family who lived in Lumby's Court Stamford or around the surrounding areas at that time.  Do you or any of your family members have any such memories relating to my request for help concerning my research to find any distant relations of mine who come from Lincolnshire?  If you think or believe that you have any connection or any information concerning my grandfather's family please contact me at 6 Hedley Croft, Castle Vale, BIRMINGHAM, B35 6PB
Mrs Sheila POTTER nee WALDEN email     Sheila_p_98@yahoo.com