Alford/ ALVINGHAM & COCKERINGTONRoll of Honour in The Great War

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Thread Topic: Alford/ ALVINGHAM & COCKERINGTONRoll of Honour in The Great War
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Post Date January 16, 2006 @ 5:37 AM
 Alford/ ALVINGHAM & COCKERINGTONRoll of Honour in The Great War

John Readman
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Bernard Almond: Sapper: Royal Engineers: November 8 1918
Charles Arrowsmith: Private, Liverpool Scottish: April 9th, 1917
Arthur Stephen Bagley: Lance Corporal, 3rd Lincolnshire Regiment: April
3rd, 1918
Maurice Nelson Baron: Flight Sub Lieutenant, Royal Naval Air Service:
August 15th, 1917
John William Bell: Private, Royal Marine Light Infantry, HMS Hague:
September 22nd 1914
Charles William Blades: Private, West Yorkshire Regiment: April 23rd, 1918
Sydney Brewer: Corporal, 1/19 London Regiment (St. Pancras): December
4th, 1917
Harry Brown: Company Sergeant Major, 1/5 Lincolnshire Regiment: December
6th, 1917
Hadyn Brown: Private, Northumberland Fusiliers: April 15th, 1917
Herbert William Brown: Lance Sergeant, 2/5 Lincolnshire Regiment:
December 6th, 1917
Jesse Burkitt: Private, Lincolnshire Yeomanry: May 27th, 1919
Scott Burkitt: Private, 1st Lincolnshire Regiment: July 4th, 1917
George Crabb Clark: Private 1st Lincolnshire Regiment: September 25th, 1916
Walter Stanley Coult: Private, 6th Lincolnshire Regiment: August 22nd, 1917
Sidney Crowson: Private, Inniskilling Fusiliers: June 7th, 1917
William Arthur Crowson: Private 5th Lincolnshire Regiment: July 16th, 1917
Basil Martin Hammond: Private, 14th Royal Warwickshire Regiment:
December 25th, 1918
William Hasnip: Driver Farrier, Royal Army Service Corps: October 16th, 1916
Arthur Hodgson: Signaller, Royal Garrison Artillery: April 3rd, 1918
Percy Hoodless: Private, 7th Lancashire Regiment: September 23rd, 1917
Arthur Thomas Humphrey: Private, 6th Lincolnshire Regiment: April 26th, 1917
Herbert Henry Hundelby: Lance Corporal 5th Lincolnshire Regiment:
October 13th, 1915
Serge Jacobsen: Sergeant Major, 25th Canadian Light Infantry: September
19th, 1916
Frederick William Kemp: Private, 2nd Lincolnshire Regiment: January
25th, 1918
William Edward King: Private, 26th Royal Fusiliers: March 4th, 1916
Bertie Lambert: Private, 1st Lincolnshire Regiment: May 27th, 1918
Charles William Lambert: Private, Royal Fusiliers: March 4th, 1916
Herbert Lambert: Private, 1st Lincolnshire Regiment: May 27th, 1918
John Lambert: Private, 2nd Suffolk Regiment: July 19th, 1916.
Wilfred Edward Linsdell: Lance Corporal, 1/5 Lincolnshire Regiment:
October 16th, 1918.
Sydney Vernon Phillips: 2/ Lieutenant, Leicestershire Regiment: August
14th, 1916.
Herbert George Purdom: Lance Sergeant, 1/5 Lincolnshire Regiment:
October 15th, 1915.
George Percy Riggall: Private, 13th Canadian Machine Gun Company: April
16th, 1918.
Wilfrid Rhodes: Gunner. A Battalion, Tank Corps: October 2nd, 1917.
John Thomas Simpson: Private, 4th Worcestershire Regiment: June 24th, 1919.
Harry Skelton: 2/ Lieutenant, Royal Fusiliers: October 12th, 1916.
Sidney Walter Small: Corporal, London Scottish: November 8th, 1918.
Stanley Wilford Soole: Private, 6th Lincolnshire Regiment: September
13th, 1918.
Edwin Tayles: Lance Corporal, 10th Lincolnshire Regiment: April 28th, 1917.
Charles Henry Taylor: Private, Northumberland Fusiliers: February 9th, 1917.
James William Tweddle: Gunner, Royal Field Artillery: August 23rd, 1917.
Samuel Vamplew: Private, Royal Irish Regiment: June 7th, 1917.
Cuthbert Leslie Vear: Private, 3rd Northamptonshire Regiment: July 31st,
Lyons George Edmund Walcott: 2/ Lieutenant 5th Lincolnshire Regiment:
July 2nd, 1916.
John Ward: Private, 3rd Lincolnshire Regiment: September 25th, 1917.
Ernest Wells: Corporal 1/8 West Yorkshire Regiment: October 9th, 1917.
George Wilkinson: Lance Corporal, 4th Lincolnshire Regiment: April 6th,
Martin Wilkinson: Private, 1/5 Lancashire Fusiliers: September 4th, 1918.
Sydney Wilson: Rifleman, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry: April 9th,
Thomas Edwin Neville Wright: Lance Corporal, 1/5 Lincolnshire Regiment:
June 19th, 1917.
Charles Ernest Yates: Private, 1st King’s Dragoon Guards: September 1st,


And this is the one for Alvingham in the Parish Church.



Charles Bratton 20, Notts killed 01 12 1915
Sidney Wright 8, Lincs killed 02 07 1916
Samuel Hand 14, Durham killed 18 09 1916
Charles Hand 5, Lincs
Robert Hand 3, Lincs.
Fred Hand R. Engs.
Charles Phillipson R. Engs.
George Phillipson 5, Lincs
Thomas Bett Lincs. Yeomanry
Roy Bett R.F.A.
Fred Grundy R.F.A.
Charles Grundy 3. Lincs
Percy Trafford 3. Lincs
Fred Trafford A.M.C.
Owen Trafford R. Engs
Morris Trafford A.M.C.
Charles Bowers A.M.C.
John Thompson A.M.C.
Neville Thompson L. Fusiliers
Charles Portas 6. Lincs
Sydney Johnson 6. Lincs
William Ashley 2/5 Lincs
William Blades 2/5 Lincs
George Blades Northumberland Fusiliers
Thomas Shucksmith Royal Mark
Samuel Lill 13. East Yorks

There is a separate list in the Wesleyan chapel in Alvingham.

John Readman