Grantham St Wulfram War Memorial

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Thread Topic: Grantham St Wulfram War Memorial
Topic Originator: Michael Peck
Post Date May 17, 2006 @ 4:43 PM
 Grantham St Wulfram War Memorial

Michael Peck
May 17, 2006 @ 4:43 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

The WW1 Memorial ONLY (there are other memorials not yet recorded) on the interior wall of Grantham St Wulfram has now been recorded. There are no numbers, ranks or arms of service mentioned.
There are 9 panels of names in total, the first 3 are as below
Panel 1 - George R Ainger/John Clarke Angell/Ernest Armstrong/Arthur Askew/George Aukland/William Bailey/James William Baker/Arthur Harding Ballinger/Raymond Keith Barlow/William James Barford/Albert Edward Barnsdale/Fred Baxter/Arthur Beaumont/Ernest Robert Beet/Grasby Joseph Bell/Albert Vincent Bellamy/John Frederick Bingham/Harrison Blower/Norman Maltby Bointon/Charlie Bond/John Bonshor/William HM Boswell/James Powell Bothamley/George Brader/John Edward Brader/William Alan Broderick/George Brooks/Basil H L'Oste Brown/Lional C L'Oste Brown/Albert John Bullock/John William Bullock/Samuel Busby/Herbert Cadwaller.

Panel 2 - William Carter/Percy Edward Casswell/Alan West Cawdron/Albert Cawthen/Alfred Henry Chambers/Herbert Campbell Chambers/George Chantry/Jesse Charlesworth/Frederick Chatwin/Bertie Clark/Charles Frederick Clark/Frederick Clark/Percy Walter Clark/Walter Clark/Percy Arthur C Clarke/Charles James Clayton/George William Cook/Arthur Cornell/Thomas Bestwick Coultas/Harry Cox/Edgar Chantry/John Cox/George Cox/Bernard Cragg/Leonard Cragg/Joseph Crisp/Frederick Culley/John Ernest Dale/William Edward Darby/Ronald Ablard Davey/William Davis/Oswald GE Dawson/Sidney Dawson/Arthur Daybell/William Henry Denny/Henry James Dickenson.

Panel 3 - George Henry Dickinson/Ernest Sidney Doncaster/Henry Mason Doncaster/William Aubrey Douglas/Joseph Edward Doughty/Frederick Ambrose Downs/Herbert Francis Drake/Sidney William Earle/George Emery/George Stephen Featherstone/William Henry Filing/George Fowler/James William Fowler/Harry Freckingham/Jim frear/George Arthur Freestone/Francis Frederick Gale/Horace Tom Gale/Peter Ganly/Herbert AV Garnham/James Raven Garratt/Charles William Gent/Robert Gibson/Arhur Good/Harry Goodacre/William Cecil Goodacre/John William Goodley/Walter Goodley/Albert Gray/George Green/Frank Greetham/Charles Edwin Gregory/Charles Stuart Grinling/Percy William Haddon/Thomas Hall
Panel 4 - Reginald Walter Hardy/William Hardy/John Harmston/Albert Victor Harris/Edward Brickel Harris/Arthur Harrison/Frank Harrison/Sidney Herbert Hatfield/Horace Hawbrook/William Healey/George William Hempshall/John Thomas Hill/Charles henry Hissitt/William Hollingsworth/John William Holmes/Harry Francis Housden/Robert Hubbard/Otha Hughes/Arthur Ingleton/Joseph Isaacs/Albert B Jackson/Harry Jackson/Thomas Jackson/Walter Mason Jeffrey/Frederick Stanley Johnson/Kenneth Murray Johnson/Wiliam Henry Kay/Talbot WG Kemp/Alec James Kennewell/John William Kettle/Fred Kirk/Hercy Archibald Kirk/George Ernest Latter/John Henry Lawson

Panel 5 - Carlton Lee/Holdsworth Lee/John Edward Lightfoot/Sidney Lightfoot/Lionel Arnold Linnell/William AJ Lock/William Talbot Lockton/Charles Beaver Lounds/William Arthur H Lounds/John William Lowther/William Lowther/Thomas Henry MacDonald/Charles Alfred Mason/Robert SF Mattless/George Arthur Mawer/Maurice Maycroft/Bert Meadwell/Lawrence Edlin Mears/John Arthur Mettham/George Robert Mitton/Frank Morris/Arthur Moss/Cecil Arthur Mugridge/John Murr/Graham Musson/Arthur Newcombe/Herbert Newcombe/Ernest Pakey/John Robert Paley/Albert Panton/Albert Ernest Parker/Arthur Chapman Parker/Ernest Parker/Frank Parker.

Panel 6 - George A Parker/George Henry Parker/Harry Parker/Thomas Gregory Parkin/Albert Ernest Pearce/Philip Pinder/Leonard Pizer/fred Pocklington/George E Pocklington/Fred Pogmore/HarryPogmore/Edgar Porter/Fred Porter/John James Porter/John Clayton Powell/Ralph Priest/Emile Millet Pruden/Alfred Loughton Pulford/Wilfred Pyrah/frederick Quanborough/Charles Percy Rands/James Frederick Raynor/Arthur Reaney/Leonard Rear/William Reddish/Arthur Reesby/Harry Richardson/Clement Ayres Rilett/Arthur CC Robinson/Herbert Roe/Walter Roe/Charles Rose/Arthur Ross/John Ross/John Robert Rowland

Panel 7 - Joseph William Rowland/George Robinson Roys/William Stennell Rudkin/Fred William Sabey/Frederick Scothern/Sivester Scothern/Charles E Selby/James Arthur Sentance/James William Sharpe/John Henry Sharpe/Percy William Sharpe/Alan Louis Shaw/Stanley Shaw/Walter Shelton/Thomas Joseph Sherriff/Ernest Edward Simmons/William Alfred Simmons/Arthur Simmons/George Rhodes Simpson/James Cecil Simpson/Walter Singleton/Harry Skerritt/Albert Winterton Slater/Cyril David Slater/Thomas Slater/Frederick William Smart/Daniel Smith/Ernest Smith/George Summerby Smith/Roderic Franklyn Smith/Sidney Smith/Albert Springfield/Percy Steel/Sidney Hall Stevenson.

Panel 8 - Frank Street/William Henry Stubbins/Charles Walter Sudbury/George Sudbury/Clifford Charles Summerby/George Swain/Tom Swain/Alfred Bailey Swallow/Lawrence Frederick Swallow/John Henry Taylor/Eric Tebbutt/Albert Tinkler/Robert Tinkler/John Cecil Toplis/Herbert Sidney Trotter/Cecil Turner/Francis Charles Turner/Sidney Matthew Turner/Percy Twycross/Henry Wade/Charles FS Walker/Frank Walker/George Charles Walker/Bert Walton/David Walton/George Walton/Robert William Walton/George AE Ward/Harold Ward/Harry Ward/Percy Welbourne/Norman Kennington Welband/Richard W Gregory Welby/George Whincup/Joseph White.

Panel 9 - Joseph Elias White/JB Crossley Wigfield/Albert Wigginton/Joseph Williamson/Charles Edward Willmer/Ernest Willott/Arthur Wilsher/Albert Wilson/Alfred Ernest Wilson/Thomas Albert Wilson/John William Winduss/Isaac Winfield/Amos William Wing/William Arthur Winter/Albert Winterton/Arthur Winterton/Albert Witty/Alfred Woodcock/Arthur h Woodward/Robert Woodward/Owen Frederick Wormall/Horace Worsell/Albert Worth/Cecil William Wright/Frank EM Wright/Fred Burnaby Wright/Frederick Richard Wright/Sidney Arthur Wright/Fred Wyman/Reginald Harrison Wyman/William Edward Wyndham/William Edward Morris/Henry Sidney Collingwood.