Bourne Cenotaph

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Thread Topic: Bourne Cenotaph
Topic Originator: Michael Peck
Post Date August 8, 2006 @ 2:55 PM
 Bourne Cenotaph

Michael Peck
August 8, 2006 @ 2:55 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Bourne Cenotaph has now been recorded. It shows WW1 and WW2 casualties (and a few from later conflicts) although no numbers, ranks or arms of service are mentioned. There are no forenames stated, only initials, however the Bourne Roll of Honour does mention forenames and will be forwarded later in the week (if my typing finger recovers). The names recorded are (recorded as written - some out of sequence) :-

1939 - 1945.
J Brightman/C Bryant/J Clay/R J Cross/R H Cook/R C Dewey/R J Gable/C Girling/J Green/C A Green/B J Katoff/E E Lockton/D Milner/C E Michelson/H J E Mason/C H Nield/W A Northern/W Pont/F J Pattison/W H Riley/A J Rout/L Riley/C R Schofield/R J Sayer/G A Sibley/R G Squires/W A Smith/F R Sones/D Steel/H Showell/R Waller/DJ Webb/W Dodd (Malaya 1957)/R Jennings (Borneo 1962)/J R Booth (Northern Ireland 1975).

1914 - 1918
H Allen/F N Andrews/A Ash/P Barsby/F Baldock/H Baldock/A Bates/C H Baxter/R Benstead/J V Bosley/H Brightman/G A Brooks/W Bray/J Brown/S Brown/J Burt/E Carvath/J A Carter/A Chambers/H P Cleary/H Clark/J E Clark/A E Clark/W E Close/J A Clare/L Cooper/W Cook/C R Creek/A E Cursley/E Grummitt/C A Green/J Hare/H Fortesque/J T Haines/G A Holland/C Hornsey/J C Hudson/S Jackson/H L Joyce/S Kettle/F J Keal/B Kettle/T Knowles/A W Lane/H Lane/F Lloyd/L Lloyd/F Larkinson/C Leary/G Lunn/W Lunn/G Marvin/A Mason/W S Michelson/J Morton/C Mills/F Needham/W Needham/F North/W A Oakden/C E Osgathorpe/R Osborn/R Pattison/E Parker/J Parry/R Parker/H Pearce/H Pridmore/H C Reeves/G H Rix/T B Rhodes/E Robinson/G Rouse/F Scotney/G Sherwin/J J Smith/J H Smith/F J N Smith/R Smithson/F Stubley/E Stubley/J Stevenson/P E Stevenson/G Tabor/A Thorton/H W Teat/W Thopson/A Thompson/W M Toulson/A Watson/F E H Wass/W C F Watts/W Watson/G A Woodward/E Wyles/E P Wass/G Coverley.

Hope this helps someone,