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Thread Topic: Folkingham (St Andrew)
Topic Originator: Michael Peck
Post Date September 25, 2006 @ 1:53 PM
 Folkingham (St Andrew)
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Michael Peck
September 25, 2006 @ 1:53 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

The War Memorials at Folkingham (St Andrew) have now been recorded. There are three, a WW1 Roll of Honour, a WW1 Memorial and a WW2 Roll of Service which includes one man killed.
The Roll of Honour is hand written and includes some indication as to 'Wounded', 'Killed in action' etc and I have indicated this alongside the name. Some names have been crudely crossed through but there is no indication as to why this was done. Please note the discrepancy between the Roll and the Memorial re Creswell and Gresswell. There is only one indication of rank, 2 indications of awards and 8 indications of arms of service, all on the actual memorial.

Dedication - Roll of Honour.
Pray for those who have gone from this parish to serve our King and Country by land and sea and air. Folkingham 1914 - 1919. Our Roll of Honour.
Joseph Blundy (Wounded)/Samuel Blundy (Wounded)/William Hood (Wounded)/David Pile/William Patman (Wounded - died)/Leonard Patman (Wounded)/Herbert Patman (Wounded)/Lewis Farrow/Alfred King/Percy Martin/James Proctor/Harry Sheffield (KIA)/Samuel Thompson (crossed through)/James Thompson/Ernest Plowright (KIA)/Walter Caulton/Cyril Chambers/Arthur Garnold/Ernest Blagg/Walter Henry Marvin (Wounded)/Robert Kendale Marvin (Wounded)/Clarke Henry Marvin (crossed through)/William Marvin/Frank Drury (Wounded)/Robert Clarke/Jack Rimington/John Lindsey (Wounded)/William Sheffield/James Albert Hunt/Henry Thorpe/Samuel Blunt/Joseph Chambers/Christopher Peploe/Alfred Bertie Pile (Wounded)/William Malcolm Wilson (crossed through)/George Rudkin (Died)/George W Grey (Wounded)/Frederick C Greaves/Arthur Randall/Thomas Lilley (Wounded)/Herbert Farrow (KIA)/William Reginald Farrow/Tom Green/Edward Wyles/Joseph Marvin (crossed through)/John William Turner/George William Rouse/William Clark (Wound!
ed)/George Wileman (Wounded)/Charles Steele/Charles Kelham/Harry Pile/William Hare/Albert King/Fred Hollingsworth/Robert Gresswell (Wounded)/Walter Stamp/John Marvin (KIA)/C T H Bradley/Victor Upton/Eric Rose/George Shinn [possibly Skinn]/Arthur Key/Harvey Gresswell/Charles Gresswell (KIA)/Charles Wilkinson/John Cox/David Scargill/James White (Waters written alongside)/John H H Bradley (KIA)/Joseph P Brannigan (Died).

Memorial - In grateful remembrance of these men of Folkingham who gave their lives in service of their country 1914 - 1918.
A J Blundy Mil Med Lincolns/J H Heathcote Bradley West Yorkshire/C Cresswell Lincolns/H S Farrow Royal Fusiliers/J Marvin Lincolns/W Patman Lincolns/G Rudkin Mil Cross Lt. Machine Gun Corps/H Sheffield Lincolns.
Their name liveth for evermore.

Roll of Service - Parish of Folkingham Roll of Service 1939 - 1945.
Reginald Andrews/Ernest Baker/Doris Boddy/Hilda Boddy/Ida Boddy/John Boddy/Ernest Bayfield/John Brewster/Peter Carter/Ronald Cavell/Cyril Chambers/Jessie Coleman/Fred Dawson/John Dawson/John Dowse/George Garner/Edward Heath/Richard Heath/Charles Hobson/George Hobson/John Kelham/William Kelham/Fred King/John King/Norman Neal/Kenneth Pearson/John Pile/William Pile/Arthur Randall/Roland Randall/Edward Redshaw/Aylwin Sampson/Desmond Sampson/Nellie Sandall/Doris Scutcher/George Smith/Frances Tuxworth/Philip Tuxworth/Roy Tuxworth/Joan Turner/Herbert Tyler/George Ward.    Edward Sandall (Killed in Sicily 1943).

Jean Boyce
August 7, 2011 @ 6:28 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

I came acoss this forum today and found the name of my grandfather on the Roll of Honour.  Is the original roll something I would be able to see if I visited Folkingham?

Kate: Hi Jean.  I have emailed Michael to see if the oringinal roll is available to view.  Hope he replies - it some years since he furnished this information to me.
I will post any info he sends.

I have just googled Folkingham War Memorial and came up with Michael's site

Jean - I emailed Michael and he posted the following reply. I have emailed you Michael's email address.

Hi Kate,
Yes, the roll is in the church (although I can't remember if the church was one that was habitually open, or if I had to start the long, long hunt for a keyholder).

If you wish you can point the lady at me and she can have a photo (assuming she doesn't live nearby and can't visit easily).