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Topic Originator: Michael Peck
Post Date October 30, 2006 @ 11:40 AM
 Spittlegate St John
 RE: Spittlegate St John
 Spittlegate St John

Michael Peck
October 30, 2006 @ 11:40 AM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

The WW1 Memorial at Spittalgate (St John) has been recorded. There are no numbers, ranks or arms of service mentioned. Names as recorded below,

Col 1  - Ernest Armstrong/George Auckland/Walter Aukland (spelling as memorial)/William Bailey/James William Baker/Raymond Keith Barlow/Albert Edward Barnsdale/Norman Maltby Bointon/John Bonshor/George Brader/William Alan Brodrick/George Brooks/Leonard James Brown/John William Bullock/William Carter/Alan West Cawdron/Albert Cawthen/Percy Edward Casswell/Alfred Henry Chambers/George Chantry/Jesse Charlesworth/Charles Frederick Clark/George William Cook/George Coy/Ronald Ablard Davey/Horace William Kettle.

Col 2 - Oswad George Edward Dawson/Sidney Dawson/George Henry Dickinson/Ernest Sidney Doncaster/Henry Mason Doncaster/William Aubrey Douglas/Frederick Ambrose Downes/Herbert Francis Drake/William Filing/George Foster/James William Fowler/Harry Freckingham/Peter Ganley/Herbert Garnham/James Raven Garratt/Charles William Gent/Robert Gibson/John William Goodley/Walter Goodley/Charles Edwin Gregory/Thomas Hall/William Hardy/Albert Victor Harris/Frank Quinton Harris/Charles Henry Hissitt/William Hollingsworth/Harry Francis Housden/Robert Hubbard/Arthur Ingleton/Walter Mason Jeffreys/William Henry Kay/Talbot William George Kemp/John William Kettle/Hercy Archibald Kirk/George Ernest Latter/John Henry Lawson.

Col 3 - John Edward Lightfoot/Sidney Lightfoot/William Albert John Lock/Thomas Henry MacDonald/Charles Alfred Mason/Lawrence Edlin Mears/George Robert Mitton/John Murr/John Robert Paley/Arthur Chapman Parker/Frank Parker/Albert Ernest Pearce/Philip Pinder/Leonard Pizer/fred Pogmore/Harry Pogmore/Edgar Porter/Alfred Loughton Pulford/Arthur Reaney/William Reddish/Harry Richardson/Arthur Cecil C Robinson/Charles Rose/Frederick Scothern/Silvester Scothern/James William Sharpe/James Cecil Simpson/Harry Skerritt/Albert Winterton Slater/Thomas Slater/Frederick William Smart/Daniel Smith/Ernest Smith/Tom Swain/Charles Sudbury/George Sudbury/Lawrence Frederick Swallow/Alfred Bailey Swallow.

Col 4 - John Henry Taylor/Robert Tinkler/John Cecil Toplis/Herbert Sydney Trotter/Percy Twycross/Henry Wade/George Walton/Robert William Walton/Norman Kennington Welband/George Whincup/Albert Wigginton/Charles Edward Willmer/Albert Wilson/Alfred Ernest Wilson/Thomas Albert Wilson/John William Winduss/Amos William Wing/William Arthur Winter/Albert Winterton/Albert Witty/Robert Wormall/Horace Worsell/Frederick Richard Wright/Cecil William Wright/Fred Wyman/Reginald Harrison Wyman/Reginald Valrose Wyman.

Alter front - In memory of Norman Kennington Welband 3rd May 1917

Edward A Barnsdale
October 2, 2009 @ 5:50 AM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

I'm sending you this letter and ask what is this all about My father was in the war I think. his name is in the list and his name is in colom 1 Albert Edward Barnsdale . He was settled in Sudbury Ontario which he married my Mother Eva Nootchtai.. Can you please give some information

peter mark swallow
May 14, 2013 @ 10:17 AM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

this cannot be your father as these are casualties killed in action,as was my great grandfather"C.S.M.Alfred Bailey Swallow and his nephew Corporal L.F.Swallow" in col 3