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Thread Topic: Barnhill Stamford
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Post Date January 8, 2006 @ 6:40 AM
 Barnhill Stamford

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For a quiet STAMFORD CORNER take a walk up Barnhill.  This can be found by standing at the rear of All Saints' Church and taking a left turn up a slight incline.  The area at the bottom is cobbled.  You can either walk up to the top of this incline (very gentle) and then turn round and walk back or carry on round and down the other side which will bring you back down to Scotgate, almost opposite the Scotgate Inn.(now renamed Harry's Bar  - the significance of name  The Scotgate, was this road was literally the Gate to Scotland when coaches (drawn by horses)  passed by after their watering hole in St. Martin's - hence the York Bar and the London Room at The George Hotel ) - back to Barnhill - The houses are very individual and at the top left is what was Barnhill Clinic I believe now reverted to Barnhill House (not sure on that).  It has been converted back from the Clinic to a domestic residence.  This area was used during the filming of "Middlemarch".
Barnhill Methodist Church is  on the right as you go up the incline.