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Thread Topic: Stamford Visit
Topic Originator: Paul Reedman
Post Date May 28, 2006 @ 10:39 PM
 Stamford Visit

Paul Reedman
May 28, 2006 @ 10:39 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

I am planning to visit Stamford on Weds 31st May and was wondering if anyone can recommend some good bookshops that may be able to  help me with a photocopy of a page taken from a book that features my great grandparents business (I found it in Stamford museum). The staff in the museum recomended one on St Pauls Street but are there any more? Am planning to visit the museum and library as well. What is the tourist information place like and do they have any info on the history of Stamford? Was just wondering as well about the registry office in Stamford. Do you have to book an appointment to view birth, death certificates etc? Hope somebody can help.
Kate: Hello Paul. There is another good bookshop on St Mary's Hill (separate entry for it on Stamford Corners) They may have books or knowledge of books on Stamford - worth a look.  There is also a book shop at the Railway Station (also separate entry). I am not sure what info. The Tourist Information Office at the Arts Centre would have, but there is a nice little area there where you could have coffee and its central to the town.  The Library I would think, would have more research material for Stamford.  They have records of old census on microfiche and they books which index the streets for the census and give people's names at certain addresses, so this speeds up searching.  Once you find a name at an address you can make a note of them and then look them up on the microfiche.  Ask at reception.
They also have internet access.  They also have microfiche of the Stamford Mercury.  Stamford Mercury have a project underway to put the whole of the old copies of The Mercury on line with help from a Lottery Grant.  They have only got a couple of years done so far.  Should be very helpful when it is all on there.
Address and details of the library Phone: 01780 763442
email address:
also I have seen it listed with a different email address:
                                       Contact Details
High Street

Tel: 01780 763442
Fax: 01780 482518  

Information Office   email:
                            Phone     01780 755611

Anyone else any help for Paul for his visit?