Spittlegate St John WW2 Memorial

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Thread Topic: Spittlegate St John WW2 Memorial
Topic Originator: Michael Peck
Post Date October 28, 2006 @ 9:26 PM
 Spittlegate St John WW2 Memorial

Michael Peck
October 28, 2006 @ 9:26 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

The WW2 Memorial at Spittalgate St John has been recorded. Names are as below (note the surname Bills is out of sequence) and there are no numbers, ranks or arms of service mentioned.
1st Col - Annie Bellamy/Albert J Beskaby/Charles S Bowlam/Patricia Brett/Jack A Brewster/Peter C Brown/Ernest Burgess/William Cawthen/Alice Chambers/Harold J Chance/Arthur E Charity/Bernard A Clarke/Raymond M Coles/Patricia J Darnell/Harriet Dickinson/Sarah J Dickinson/Alan J Eales/Philip F English/Agnes Foster.
2nd Col - Harry W Foster/Thomas Helstrip/Edward J Hewerdine/Thomas H Hoyles/Cecelia L Hunt/Violet I Isaac/Stanley E Isaac/Anthony CF Isaac/Leonard J Isaac/Raymond L Knott/Richard E Neal/Norman P Neal/Joseph E Owen/Harold JE Parker/William G Parker/Benjamin Ranby/Arthur S Roberts/Carrie Robinson/James W Bills.
3rd Col - Emily E Rawlins/Joyce E Rawlins/Patrick D Ryan/Kenneth Ryder/Blanche P Sale/Henry C Sale/Walter R Sale/Norman K Sancto/Edwin J Stubley/Aubrey C Swan/Frederick Vernum/Grace Wallhead/Stella West/Annie Whaley/William H Wilkinson/Leonard C Willey/Thomas AE Wilson/Dennis Winch/Davies Worth.