My old Ford Popular

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Post Date March 12, 2006 @ 1:08 PM
 My old Ford Popular
 RE: Me and my motor bike

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We bought the Ford (green) about 1960.  The gears were a bit difficult but we managed to pass our tests (first time!) using the old car.  We had holidays in the Lake District and another year in Cornwall.  In the Lake District it poured with rain for the whole ten days and I can remember stuffing a duster in a leak above my head!  We went up Snakeshead Pass (think that was the name) 1 in 4 though my partner had to get out and walk to lessen the weight on the way up.  The numberplate would now be worth a fortune JHW600.
On holiday in Cornwall we had to pull over to the left to allow faster vehicles to overtake us.  One day we hired a mini so we could do some faster touring round those narrow lanes.

April 21, 2006 @ 5:51 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

At the age of 16 I was one of 2 (I think) females in Stamford to own and ride a motor bike, the other person was a Miss Pell, a few years older than me, who owned a BSA Bantam. My bike was an Excelsior with a 125cc villiers engine, with twin exhaust ports. It was second hand, I bought from St. Michael's Motors, in Ironmonger Street (The owners of St. Michael's Motors had taken over the premises when Mr Dickinson finished with his bicycle repair business) I had them paint my motor bike bright pillar box red, the original colour was a miserable maroon. The registration number was FAY 21, I sold it when I was 19 for £18.00, (Another reg. number that would be worth having I think)
Editor:  Thanks for that Chris.  What a wonderful numberplate.  Probably worth a fortune today.  I should think you felt great bombing around on your motorbike.  I always wanted a moped myself and once had a practice on one in a shop in Peterborough.  They let me try it at the rear of the shop premises I think along the street which runs along Marks & Spencers and Woolworths, less traffic then.  A lad at work also let me "have a go" on the one he had bought.  Never did get round to buying one.  Just goes to show - do it, don't regret it!