birthday present (aged 4)

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Thread Topic: birthday present (aged 4)
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Post Date July 15, 2005 @ 4:09 PM
 birthday present (aged 4)

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When I had my 4th birthday my grandma asked me what I would like.  We looked in a toyshop window and she asked me to choose something.  I chose a  fairly small (about 10 inches) toy wooden boat with a lovely sail and mast.  It was painted red and blue and the bits in between were white.  My grandma said "are you sure you wouldn't like something else".  I was quite sure I had wanted a boat like that for ages.   We took it to sail it on a boating lake in the park in Park Road Peterborough.
Ed: Thanks Beth.  Does anyone else remember the boating lake?  I don't think its there any more.