wasp's nest

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Post Date July 15, 2005 @ 4:20 PM
 wasp's nest

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When I was 7 I went picking raspberries which were growing wild in a spinney about a couple of miles out of the town.  It was very brambly in the spinney and may have been an old quarry because the levels were very uneven.  
When we had been there a while I noticed a tingling sensation in my leg and when I looked down I saw a mass of something all around my foot.  As I stared in wonder I realised that it was a mass of wasps or bees.  I froze to the spot and let out an enormous scream.  My Dad was the other side of the large bush and when he heard me scream he thought I had my foot caught in a snare.  He leapt over the bush with an enormous jump and when he saw the wasp's nest I had trodden in he picked me up and rushed me out of the spinney.  My Mum, Dad and grandpa bashed the wasps to get them off me and my grandpa carried me home on his shoulders.  People heard my scream right away in the town.
My Mum let me sleep in her bed that night.  I had 35 stings all over my body.