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Post Date April 21, 2005 @ 4:48 AM
 town library

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The town library was a very important part of my life.  I spent half of my spare time reading.  This was prior to television in our homes and apart from the cinema was the major way of adding to our knowledge of the world outside our own patch.   Our town library was divided into  children and adult sections.  You were only allowed to start using the adult section after the librarian had checked your reading ability.  The books were all 'hardback' and were all rather tattered and old.  It was difficult to get the latest and you had to go on a waiting list.  I would start on an author and when I found one I liked I would read everything they had by that person.  Sometimes I tried reading the more serious stuff such as different religions, philosophy etc.  There was a private library in the town where you could pay a fee to borrow a book for say two weeks.  Here you could get the latest novels and a friend who was working and had a bit more cash used to lend me books when she had finished them within the two weeks.  I had a few late nights finishing them within the time still left.
Editor's note:  Thanks for that Pauline.  Anyone else love the library.  Tell us about your time in the library and what it meant to you. Did you work in a library?  What about life from the other side?  All those customers with queries?