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Post Date May 22, 2005 @ 8:49 AM
 Bulawayo Stores Peterborough

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When I was 4  (1943) my mum used to take me to my grandmother's shop in  Peterborough.  I used to 'help' in the shop, weighing out sweets from the big jars on the counter, potatoes from the sack in the corner, tobacco from the 'saved' items at the back of the shop.
There were signs on the walls saying 'Carters Little liver Pills'.  Grandma used to let me choose a bottle of 'pop' from the crates stacked up in the shop.  Sometimes I chose tizer.  There was a bell on the door so that when we were having lunch in the back room we knew when someone was in the shop and needed to be served.
Last year, through a Family History List, I made contact with a man in US who was researching his family who came from Peterborough.  Strangely enough his grandparents had lived in the next street to my grandparents, and would I think, probably have been customers in her shop.  The best part was that on the memorial stone section of ancestorgateway, I found that I had a record which looked to tie in with his relatives name.  Amazingly I had photographs of the gravestone of his greatgrandparents and was able to send this to him. I also took a photograph of the street where they used to live.  The house had gone, but parts of the street were there and the 'space' was obviously where their house had stood.  A house a bit further along was covered in the most glorious wisteria in full bloom, and I was also able to send a photograph of that, which gave him a real feel of the place where they had once lived.  The wisteria house obviously had a children's playgroup inside at the time and  the atmosphere in  a  quiet little back street in Peterborough was relayed by modern technology to a resident of the USA.

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