Memories from the 60's

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Thread Topic: Memories from the 60's
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Post Date January 19, 2014 @ 6:11 PM
 Memories from the 60's

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Just a list of ad hoc memories from the  60's, that we (me) used  to get up to.

No1. Standing in Red Lion Square with our scooters, watching the world go by. (i.e.Girls.

No2. Buying flares and tank tops etc. from the shop in St. Mary's Street, the name of the shop escapes me.

No.3 Buying the Pink'un from the bloke next to All Saints church after watching the Daniels up Wothorpe Road.

No3. Buying Fishing "Stuff" from Godslands in St. Mary's Street.

No4. Going fishing down Gypsy meadows and under the willow tree( Nr Town Bridge) on the Welland

No.5 Going pipe hunting, when the Welland was low, near the town bridge and finding old clay pipes.

No6. -My Dad taking me to get my hair cut at Mr Bells on East Street (before the late sixties). Didn't cut it between 1967 and 1970. No one did.

no7. Frequenting every pub in Stamford, especially "Millstone, Scotgate (with the cellar bar) White Swan, Drum and  Monkey, Hurdler, Crown Hotel, (to watch Match of the Day) Albion Tavern, and all the rest really.

No 8. On Sundays  at 10.30 flying up to the Tinwell Pubs to get an extra half an hour drinking at the Rutland pubs. (Why).

No.9 Catching Newts from the pond near Williamson Clift brickworks and keeping them the enamel sink in our back garden.

No. 10 Biking to Tallington, Helpston, Essendine, Casewick bridge, to collect Engine numbers.

Any of these ring a bell.