Doris Thompson

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Thread Topic: Doris Thompson
Topic Originator: David Farman
Post Date June 19, 2015 @ 9:36 PM
 Doris Thompson
  Doris Thompson
 Doris Thompson
 Doris Thompson

David Farman
June 19, 2015 @ 9:36 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Does anybody remember Doris Thompsons wool shop up St Peters street ?  My mother used to knit baby clothes for her to sell in her shop. The shop was opposite Starsmores store.

Roger Partridge
June 20, 2015 @ 9:53 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Another shop i remember, but never entered.

Jill matthews
June 21, 2015 @ 10:41 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

I remember Mrs Thomsons little shop, also the chiropodist nearby and starsmore's groceries. Now in my sixties I have vivid memories of frequent visits to family in Stamford from belton in Rutland or later on, hallaton in Leicestershire. Mrs Thomson used to get her knitters to knit for mum.  I particularly remember some red and green ribbed stockings (tights still to be invented), held up by uncomfortable garters, but much admired! I also remember kandy korner on the corner of red lion square. Memories..I love to remember past days through this site. Thankyou Kate

August 9, 2015 @ 6:36 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Was this the Doris Thompson I knew for years when she and her husband kept Patens (The Periwig)? After her husband died she moved to the almshouses at the end of St.Peter's Street A very nice lady.