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Thread Topic: garden allotments Stamford
Topic Originator: Shirley
Post Date July 25, 2005 @ 9:36 AM
 garden allotments Stamford
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 garden allotments Stamford

July 25, 2005 @ 9:36 AM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

When I was young where Stirling Road  now is in Stamford was an area of individual gardening allotments. There was a stone wall all around with a single latchgate in the middle at one side and a large farm type gate at the top end of what was known as "The Drift".  Along the middle of the allotments was a wide grass path and each allotment was a long thin strip of land with a grass path to give access to each one.  The allotments were kept in immaculate condition.  All the men used to go up to the allotments after they had had their meal in the evening and then they would seem to compete for who had the best vegetables and the best kept allotment.  Each year there were prizes, 1st 2nd and 3rd for the best allotment.  They even used to put elastic bands on the lettuce, etc. to prevent them bursting and spoiling their appearance!  As children we would go up there and walk around, also sitting on the grass on the path  making daisychains etc. Once we found a four leaf clover.  We had to behave and not run about or make noise. One of the allotments was quite untidy as it belonged to an old man who found the gardening a bit difficult.  It had a shed on it and every year it had the most wonderful honeysuckle in flower on it.  My father had two allotments and we grew strawberries, celery, potatoes, lettuce etc. He planted an apple tree and a pear tree on it.  When the allotments were taken over he transplanted the pear tree to his back garden.  We had wonderful Conference pears for many years from that tree.

January 10, 2008 @ 8:09 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Hi Shirley

I remember those allotments very well as I lived in Reform St up till the time the allotments were abandoned. Difficult to believe that beyond the tall hedge at the far end of the allotments were fields all the way to Empingham!

July 20, 2010 @ 9:01 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

We too had an allotment but it was up the tarmac track at the back of the houses up Casterton Road by Ireson's field where they kept a horse called "Dusty"

We spent many a happy summer's evening up there while my Dad tended his vegetables.  When the land was claimed for building houses on we got another allottment up Little Casterton Rosad by Lambeth Walk.

Joan Stafford
July 21, 2010 @ 7:29 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

My father had an allotment in Radcliffe Road where the Fire Station is now. He had a pig sty and would have a couple of pigs a year. One of my jobs on a Saturday morning was taking a pram and collect pigs swill from neighbours. (can you see kids doing that today) Then Mum boiled it up, adding bran etc. the smell was wonderful  Spent many happy hours in the allotment.

Clem Walden
July 23, 2010 @ 12:46 AM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Hi-Betty, seems a shame so many allotment sites have gone,and become housing estates, when SKDC took over some were sold for developments. However I am sure all will be pleased to learn  Stamford Council still have allotment sites and a large waiting list for the same SKDC have no control over these. I am also pleased to report the Queens Walk allotments that were owned by SKDC have recently been returned to Stamford Council after several years of hard work by the Stamford Town Council. Stamfords Recreation ground was once also a Towns asset that SKDC held.  This also will soon be returned again to Stamford Council. Be assured we are working hard to retrieve assets that were previously owned by this Town. The Town Councils allotment sites today incude:- Uffington road North and South (two sites) Priory Road (one site) Water Furlong (one Site) and Queens Walk.(one site) these sites are large and the number of plots total 380 we also still hold a best kept allotment comp. each year. what other assets can we retrieve??? by the way I forgot we also now own the war memorial in Broad Street. The Town Hall of course has always been Stamfords and has recently undergone major refurbishment (phase one) phase two is to follow. Would be nice to get the car-parks back, and the Art Centre, maybe these assets will be the next task???

John Tyers
July 23, 2010 @ 11:17 AM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

My dad had an allotment in Priory Road. Being short of pocket money, I offered to dig his garden for five bob.  He had a wry sense of humour and said "I'll give you five bob to keep well away from it!"  Even at that tender age, I think he had already assessed my dubious capabilities as a gardener!

ron mcgurk
March 8, 2012 @ 7:12 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top hi shirley do you know phil snowden
i use to work with him in safeway did come to see him in london when i moved to st helens his wife was shirley so i came to london lots of times looking in the roehampton area still cluching at straws hope i have more luck with you thanks for your time cheers ron and vera