red telephone boxes Stamford

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Thread Topic: red telephone boxes Stamford
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Post Date August 5, 2005 @ 2:11 PM
 red telephone boxes Stamford

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There used to be a red telephone box just below the Drum & Monkey on Casterton Road.  When my boyfriend was away at College we used to arrange to ring each other using the telephone boxes.  We used to arrange a time and he would be in a box in Chester and I would be in the Casterton Road box.  If he rang me, the phone would ring and I would dash in to answer it.  Sometimes it was my turn to ring him and someone else would be in the box.  It was quite an arrangement.  Years later when my son was at College he would ring us from a red telephone box but he would ring our home telephone.  Nowdays mobiles are the thing and the telephone boxes are little used.  The red boxes are still in some towns.  I think there are still one or two in Stamford.