Miss Holmes' shop Stamford

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Thread Topic: Miss Holmes' shop Stamford
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Post Date August 24, 2005 @ 4:55 AM
 Miss Holmes' shop Stamford

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I used to like looking in Miss Holmes' shop window in Scotgate.  It was a sweetshop on one side which was Miss Holmes' area and the other side of the shop was run by her brother as a tobacconists.  Sometimes we used to go into the shop for some sweets and Miss Holmes was a very kind gentle looking lady who had white curly hair and wore glasses.  She had all those lovely large jars of sweets and weighed out 2 ounzes of whatever we wanted to buy.  Her brother was a large roundy shaped man who sold all sorts of interesting gadgets for pipesmokers, also the pipes and tobacco.  The  pipe tobacco had a nice smell.  On VE and VJ day the  windows of the shop were decorated with rows of little flags.
I have been thinking about this, and I seem to remember that Miss Holmes would only serve 4oz not 2oz.  Perhaps someone else remembers?