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Thread Topic: Woolworths
Topic Originator: Audrey
Post Date August 27, 2005 @ 5:04 AM
 RE: Woolworths
 RE: Woolworths

August 27, 2005 @ 5:04 AM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

There always seems to have been a Woolworths in Stamford.  It must have started sometime but I can remember my very elderly great aunt telling me that she bought her tortoise (Sammy)  there for 6d years before I was born.
I remember Woolworths when the floors were made of wood and the counters had little grids at the end of each one.
Does anyone know when Woolworths first opened in Stamford?

James Kudlinski
November 2, 2005 @ 12:21 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Woolworths opened in Stamford in 1935/36,  building new premises on a site formally occupied by Grants butchers shop. The frontage of this shop was preserved and is now located in the Castle Museum York. In the early 1960`s the Woolworth store was extended taking over the adjacent premises formally the Pineapple public house. If you look above the shop front of the Woolworths store you can see the 1930`s style building to the right and the Georgian frontage of the old Pineapple to the left.
As a a small boy in the early 1960`s I remember walking along the High Street with my father on what must have been a Sunday as all the shops were shut and very few people were about. All of a sudden there was a noise and what seemed to me at the time,  a large policeman dragged a man out of the pub and marched him up the lane opposite,  in the direction of the police station. This must have been shortly before the Pineapple closed down.
Ed: Thanks for that info. on Woolworths James.  I will now have a look at that shop front next time I go down the High Street.


August 16, 2007 @ 7:49 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

I can remember woolworth's selling cooked meat on a deli counter.  They also used to sell groceries..