Wimbledon aspirations

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Thread Topic: Wimbledon aspirations
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Post Date June 29, 2006 @ 11:16 AM
 Wimbledon aspirations

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I used to be in one of the High School tennis teams but never made it to the "top" teams.  Each year a competition was held to be School Tennis Champion.  You could put your name down to enter.  I put my name down, but when I checked the order of play found I had been drawn to play one of the senior girls and her one of the best players in the School.  I think I was about 13.  She was about 18 and very large and tall (to me - to anybody really).  I think her name ought to  have been JOAN HUNTER-DUN (with apologies to John Betjamin).
I was very loathe to play her, but felt I had to having entered the competition.
Our match was on a hard surface court, and I stood at the other side of the net and saw that ball come swerving in towards me at head height.  I just missed loads of them or hit them in the net.  She was  serious Wimbledon material!!
I can't remember the score - I didn't enter the competition again.
Anyone else have a "tennis" experience?