The Old Steam Roller - Kesteven Road

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Thread Topic: The Old Steam Roller - Kesteven Road
Topic Originator: Andy Matthews
Post Date March 27, 2008 @ 1:08 AM
 The Old Steam Roller - Kesteven Road
 RE: The Old Steam Roller - Kesteven Road
 The Old Steam Roller/took it to pieces
 Old Steam Roller
 The Old Steam Roller
  The Old Steam Roller - Kesteven Road

Andy Matthews
March 27, 2008 @ 1:08 AM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

One feature of Stamford that I can remember very fondly as a young lad was the Old Steam Roller that was positioned on some grass behind the council garages on Kesteven Road.  This used to be a regular meeting place for the local children particularly during the Summer holidays from school.  It had been made safe and obviously placed there for children to play on and although I played on it in the early 1970s I was told it had been there for a number of years before that.  As an early teenager when I was at the Fane School, I used to sit on the Steam Roller in the lunch hour with my school friends and we would eat our packed lunches there.  However, I was walking my dog along the path between Kesteven Road and Holland Road the other week and felt slightly saddened to see the Steam Roller had gone as have all those council garages.  What I would be interested to know is when was the Steam Roller originally placed there and what has happened to it now and when did it disappear?  Also, does anyone else have fond memories of the Steam Roller?
Kate:  Anyone out there remember the Steam Roller?  Where is it now?  Must have gone somewhere after it left Kesteven Road.

Richard Campbell
July 3, 2008 @ 10:30 AM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

I don't know where it went but can remember it arriving. Must have been early sixties.

We used to play in that area. There was a huge mound of earth there.....We called it the 'big heap'....inventive or what.

That got levelled and the play area made.

Ray Tyers
November 24, 2010 @ 6:48 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

I am late to this party but I remember the steam roller arriving, and helping as a child to  take it to pieces bit by bit -- seem also to remember  climbing on the roof was a dare although the council had welded a plate over the chimney.  Hello to anyone that  recognises the name.
Hi Ray.  Nice to have you on board. Kate Anyone got a photo of the Old Steam Roller?

Keith Hansell
January 1, 2011 @ 1:33 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

The steam roller must have arrived about 1964/5 as I was a pupil at the Fane School at the time and was there when it was officially handed over. That night it appeared on the Anglia news, although sadly I didn't recognise myself. Unfortunately the brass work and anything else of value disappeared from it before the vandals punctured a hole in the boiler etc. A very sad end to something that should have been so much joy to youngsters.  I believe it was eventually purchased by someone at Old Glory magazine and the last time I saw it was at the Tallington Steam Rally, totally rusted and awaiting restoration.
Keith Hansell
Kate: Hi Keith.  Thanks for that  update on the steam roller.  As you say, very sad it should end up like that.  Perhaps its been restored since then?  Hope so.

David Chalk Chalk
June 4, 2012 @ 10:48 AM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

I can remember playing on the "Edison"', as it was named many a time. It was just a short walk along the path from the rear gate of the old Fane School.
Kate: Thanks for sharing your memory David.  Anyone have a photo of the "Edison"?

Terry Corby
May 6, 2017 @ 5:04 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Remember me and my brother playing on this when I was a kid -  sad when I found it was gone