Radcliffe/Cemetery Rd:we loved it

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Thread Topic: Radcliffe/Cemetery Rd:we loved it
Topic Originator: Andy
Post Date July 2, 2009 @ 9:39 AM
 Radcliffe/Cemetery Rd:we loved it
  Radcliffe/Cemetery Rd neighbours

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Hi Richard, I read with interest that you used to live near Mrs Matthews on Radcliffe Road.  I guess the Mrs Matthews you mention was my Grandmother who lived at No 50 opposite Garratt's Shop.  My father is Peter Matthews and he also lived there when he was demobbed from the army in 1948 until he married in 1957.  He's 81 now and still often refers to Radcliffe Road as Cemetry Road.  When mum and dad talk about the old days (as they often do) I've heard the name Standley mentioned when they have talked of Radcliffe Road in the 40s/50s and the people who lived there. I think there was also a Mrs Potter somewhere nearby.

Richard July 1, 2009 @ 3:33 PM Edit  |  Delete

Hello Andy, Well where do I begin? We are indeed the people who lived in 52 Radcliffe Road or Cemetry Road.I am so pleased to make contact with you. We were great friends and neighbours of your grand parents. I probably went in to see Mr and Mrs Matthews every day. I remember her so well. A dear lady I can remember Mrs Charity and you had relations in Carlisle and possibly another aunt who was into her ninties when I last saw her in Tesco a short while before mum passed away in 2007. Have only recently been to Stamford revisiting old haunts and went to Radcliffe road.

joan July 2, 2009 @ 7:18 AM Edit  |  Delete

Hello to Richard and Andy.  I also lived in Radcliffe Road. Behind Garrats shop is a lane and we lived in Beales cottage. My Grandmother also lived two doors away in  Insurance cottages, and she was quite frendly with Mrs.Matthews.  I can remember most of the people who lived around that area.  
When my sister and I had scarlet fever and were confined to the bedroom for 6 weeks, (which overlooked Garrets back yard) Mr. Garret would put a bag of sweets and biscuits on the end of the washing prop and pass them up to us and say "Don't tell the missis"  Then 1/2 hour later Mrs. Garret would do the same "Don't tell him".  Had a weight problem ever since.

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Hello Richard and Joan,
I mentioned to Dad the other day that a Richard Standley had mentioned Gran on this site and he remembers you and your parents very well.  He told me you were a young boy then and you would come into No 50 to see Gran and Grandad.  My mother, who was Iris Walden and going out with dad at the time also remembers you visiting my grandparents when she was there.  By the way, Dad's sister Ruth still lives in Carlisle and comes to stay at least twice a year in Stamford - she is 89 now.  The aunt you would have seen in 2007 must be Dorothy Dixon or Auntie Doff as I know her and she is now 93.  My Aunt Marjorie Charity (later Gesior) passed away in 2003 at the age of 94 and lived at 25 Radcliffe Road in the 1950s.  She actually lived next door but one to another aunt Anne Barratt who had a son Ian who you may remember.  Anne passed away in 1999.  Dad seems to remember that you and your parents moved from Radcliffe Road in around the mid 1950s to New Cross Road.
It was also interesting to read your memories Joan of living in Insurance Cottages.  Did you know that between 1932 and 1942 Mr and Mrs Matthews lived at No 2 Insurance Cottages (that's the house my father grew up in)?  My grandfather also had a sister in Harcourt Terrace named Mrs Culpin.  Other names I have heard Dad and my aunts talk of from those days are Mr and Mrs Darnes, Mr and Mrs Patrick, Mr and Mrs Short, Mrs Potter, Mrs Boyden, Mr and Mrs Middleton.  Dad always speaks so fondly of those days in Radcliffe Road and it always sounds as if there was real community spirit there.