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Thread Topic: Stamford High School/4 photos added
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Post Date March 29, 2010 @ 1:15 PM
 Stamford High School/4 photos added
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Stamford High School Staff cira 1950


Transferred from" Schools I remember" section on the site

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back row 3rd from left Miss Wormald
middle row Miss Banghert, Mrs Shaw(Maths), name unknown,  Miss Tyrell,
               Miss Scrivener,   Miss McCall, Miss Smart,  Miss Baldock, Miss Cant
front row Miss Gregory, name unknown, Miss Barnsdale, Miss Best, Miss Lomax,
             Miss Richardson, name unknown

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Anne June 9, 2005 @ 1:42 PM Edit  |  Delete

At the age of 11 I started at senior School.  This seemed a very large school after my primary school.   We juniors were somewhat in awe of the senior girls, prefects etc. and the teachers.  Miss Lomax was the Headmistress and ruled the School with a rod of iron - Miss Best was the Deputy Head and taught geography.  

One day a week we ran up to the top  Park next to Jacob's Ladder to play hockey. Miss Wormald was our games mistress.   I was left-inner on the forward line.  By the time we had run back to school, changed out of our hockey kit and cycled home we were pretty exhausted.  We kept our cycles in a cycleshed at Junior House.  A few of us would amble down Lumby's Terrace wheeling our cycles and having a chat before heading home.
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betty bradshaw November 9, 2008 @ 2:02 PM Edit  |  Delete

I went to the High School from 1952-1957 with my dear friend Dorothy.  It only seems like yesterday as she is still my friend.  
I have many happy memories of playing Hockey up at Burghley Park and when it snowed we did cross country running through the snow in the park.
When I visit "The Burghley Horse Trials" each year I remember those long runs.
I can still sing the School Song "Within These Walls of Grey" I wonder how many others remember it.  Betty

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stamford high school 1956 left

by kind permission of betty thorp

stamford high school 1956 middle

stamford high school 1956 right

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Kate  I have a photo to add of the Stamford High School but I am not sure where to put it as an attachment
Hello Betty.  Hope you are ok.  To send the photo to me for inclusion on the website
send me an email to     adding the photo as an attachment.  If it is large it would be best if you could "downsize" it to as small as poss. with your photo programme.  This will make it easier for me to upload it to the website. Hope you are able to do it as I would like to get plenty of these photos on the site as they are what bring back the memories.  Thanks again. Kate

Hi Betty I have put the 3 sections of photo on hope I have got them right.
Thanks very much for all your efforts - you will need another holiday!

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Brings back memories of running to play hockey and then biking home to Holland Road for lunch.  Happy days.
My dad and yours used to work together.

Kate:  Thanks for that Pat.We were  always busy then, exhausted from the hockey and cycling - then the homework later.
Our dads met up at work - now we meet up on  - perfik

School song
Within these walls of grey
How much do we gather,
Friendship and laughter gay -
Gifts indeed:
Strength of limb and fingers' skill,
Cultured mind, undaunted will,
Hoping and praying still -
Christ me spede.

Then, in return to thee
Our service we offer,
Our love and loyalty
In word and deed,
Time and thought and energy
These will we render thee;
We will be true to thee,
Christ us spede.

Oh, Thou, to whom we pray,
Christ spede us in all things,
Help us from day to day,
In our need.
Give us then that virtue rare
Courage to do and dare;
Grant us our humble prayer -
Christ me spede.

June 3, 2010 @ 9:14 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Hello Pat  Yes our Dad's did work together they were Painters and Decorators.  I too remember the School Song not sure if I could have written the last verse.