Reform/Torkington Sts Zebra photo 1950s

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Thread Topic: Reform/Torkington Sts Zebra photo 1950s
Topic Originator: Em
Post Date June 5, 2010 @ 1:56 PM
 Reform/Torkington Sts Zebra photo 1950s
 Reform St,Tork.St, Zebra photo 1950s

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Party for Residents  Reform  Street, Torkington Street, Zebra Cottages

Party, Reform St.Torkington St. Zebra Cottages Stamford early 1950s

Double click on photo to go to larger image.  Then click on "All Sizes" to go to full screen image to get close up to those faces.

Mrs Ivy Baker, Mrs Hayre, Mr A Collins (Tyke), Mr Ken Foreman (holding daughter)
Alan Rickard, Mrs Rickard, Mrs Annie Clare, Mr Fred Wade, Mrs Violet Johnson, Mrs Flo Downs, Mrs Elsie Brooks, Mrs K Couzens, Mr R Couzens, Mr Arthur Brooks,
Mrs Croft (holding daughter), Mrs Leaton , Mr G Tyler, Mrs D Tyler, Mrs Olive Cook,
Mrs Rudkin, Mrs A. Barwell, Mr William (Bill) Downs, Mrs S Collins ( Sal),
Mrs Alderman, Mrs Glenn
Irene Clare, Joan Alderman, Priscilla Busby, Kay Brooks, Jean Downs,
Clive Baker, Eric Cook, Ann Cook, Eileen Tyler, David(?) Tyler,
Barry Plowman, ?  Plowman, Diana Hyam, Stanley Alderman Alan Barwell

Thanks for that interesting photo Em and welcome to the forum.  This should stir some memories out there as many of those in the photograph were well known in the town and had lived here for many years.  Some still do. Thanks again.

There are others who we have not named - do you know any of those not named so far?

Roger Partridge
June 5, 2010 @ 7:09 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

This really brings back memories as I knew virtually everybody in the photo.