Parkers Shop and Cricks sweet shop, St Mary's Hill

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Thread Topic: Parkers Shop and Cricks sweet shop, St Mary's Hill
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Post Date July 13, 2005 @ 3:59 PM
 Parkers Shop and Cricks sweet shop, St Mary's Hill
 RE: Parkers Shop and Cricks sweet shop, St Mary's Hill
 RE: Parkers Shop and Cricks sweet shop, St Mary's Hill

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I think it was called Worthmore stores (can't quite remember!).  It used to have the most delicious smell of coffee coming from it  when you walked by.  My boss used to get me to go and get him some ground coffee and they would grind it there and then when you collected it and wrap it in a neat folded paper bag.  A bit further down the hill there was a sweet shop run by Mr and Mrs Crick.  They called each other "mummy" and "daddy"in the shop.  They sold all kinds of sweets, icecreams and ice lollies.  They had two daughters

James Kudlinski
November 2, 2005 @ 2:04 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Parkers Worthmore stores had 2 premises in the 1960`s. One was on the north side of the high street adjacent to where Burtons and Dorothy Perkins is now and the other which was by that time used as there 2ware house" was on the corner of St Marys Street and St Marys place oposite the hairdressers next to the Stamford Hotel. I too remember the coffee as I was brought up next door at 29 St Marys Street and fresh coffee was roasted every day in the "warehouse". Mr Parker himself was a small dapper man.
Kate:  Yes I think Mr Parker jnr founded ParkAir Electronics.  Perhaps others remember Parkers Worthmore Stores? Also postings re Eayrs would be very welcome as that was my favourite "old fashioned" grocery shop.

November 3, 2007 @ 9:12 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

In the 1950s Parkers had 2 shops, the original shop at 31 St Marys Street (now Sue's Flower House) and Parkers Worthmoor (sic) Stores at 22A High Street. Although also in St Marys Street the warehouse was about 50 yards from the shop. Mr and Mrs Parker ran St Mary's Street and Freddie Parker ran High Street. St Marys Street always had a freshly ground coffee aroma and {like many Stamford shops I remember in the 1950s) seemed a bit dark and gloomy, despite all the windows.

Oddly both shops were opposite churches, St Marys and St Michaels.

It was an experience visiting a grocer's shop in the 50s. My mother would sit at a chair at the counter, and I had to be patient and stand alongside while she gave her order to the assistant.  The assistant would write out the items with the prices on a bill, then add them up in her head (shillings and pence). Some items would be taken home straightaway, the rest would be delivered a day or two later.

Freddie was always keen in things electrical, I believe he helped my father build a crystal wireless set. This interest progressed to electronics and his hobby became his business with Park Air Electronics.

I think St Marys Street closed around 1960, and Mr and Mrs Parker moved over to High Street. I don't know when it closed but Dolby's Directory shows High Street as well as the St Mary's Street warehouse still in existence in 1969.