St Gilberts of Sempringham

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Thread Topic: St Gilberts of Sempringham
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Post Date April 27, 2012 @ 2:35 PM
 St Gilberts of Sempringham

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No one has mentioned St Gilberts of Sempringham. Austin Street.
Spent many happy school days there. Hidden away.
I was there in 1967. Only for a year and a half. But have fond memories.
Mrs Pearman was my favourite teacher. I cannot remember any of the others.
We had to have fire drills. As we were tucked away. with a tiny playground. Our only escape was a fire stairs from the playgound.
It brought us into a private house on West Street.
I often wondered what the owner used to think when all us kids clambered through their house.

We used to go to the swimming baths on the meadows. Always freezing cold.
Our sports was walking up to the sports fields on Empingham Road.
A long walk for youngsters.
In the summer. We all went to I think it was Torkington Gardens. West Road.
Where all the children would do either Irish dancing. Poetry. All types of activities. As all our parents were invited. An ideal venue as the ground laid with basin effect gardens. Also hot summer days.
Does anyone else remember this school?