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Thread Topic: clothing coupons
Topic Originator: Diane
Post Date June 11, 2005 @ 5:59 AM
 clothing coupons

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During the war, clothes were on-ration as well as sweets.  We had to have what were called "clothing coupons" and you couldn't buy the clothes you wanted unless you had sufficient coupons.  I remember when our milk delivery girl told us she was getting married all the people in the street saved a few of their clothing coupons and gave them to her as a wedding present.  "Why" I asked.  Because she wants to be able to buy a nice trouseau, the reply.  Incidentally, the milk was delivered on a van and was in a huge churn.  The milk was then ladled out using  measures and  then poured into your jug.  There was time for a chat and I remember our older milkman used to have a sit down on a stool while he poured the milk.  Later on  we  could have small bottles from the delivery  (third of a pint) with a cardboard top which had a small circle in the centre which you could remove.  We then used to drink the milk from the bottle.  Started an early trend!
Editor's note:  Thanks Diane.  Not quite so much choice then, no semi-skimmed, skimmed etc, flavoured.  It still tasted really good though.