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WADE James Thomas and wife EMILYCheltenham 10 St Paul's St South, Cheltenham,Glos looking for death or grave 1904 or afterM Wade18/01/2005
WAINMANPreston,Lancashire 1800 -Lisa Rushworth19/10/2004
WALKER Richardborn Stubton,Lincolnshire Stubton 1789/m St Swithins 1809Jill LOVE08/07/2011
WALTERSAll towns and villages,Lincolnshire all datesAnn Walters08/06/2004
WALTHOLichfield,Staffordshire 1700s onwardsJane Waltho28/06/2004
WARD JosephBolton,Lancashire b 1829Diana Ford04/08/2005
WAREHAMLondon,Surrey 1780+John Wareham01/10/2004
WARNERColchester,Essex 1800 onwardsPat McCallum-Deal25/07/2004
WARRINGTONHeckington,Lincolnshire allGordon Warrington27/03/2006
WATSONSend/Ripley,Surrey 1800AncestorGateway27/02/2004
WATTSStoke Albany,Northamptonshire 1600 < 1930Malc Watts19/10/2005
WEBBEversden, Cambridge,Cambs 1800-1900David Wilkins23/10/2004
WEBB John & HenryBrington & surrounding area,Northamptonshire 1700 - 1800Trevena Webb09/07/2010
WEBB Robert born Boxford (and wife Sarah)died Rattlesden 1873,Suffolk born about 1801Sue Coleman07/11/2004
WEBSTER Thomas horse brokerAusterfield,West Riding Yorkshire died 1st Q 1868 ? accidentjackie rix Lambert13/02/2007
WEIGHTMANBassingham & Swinderby,Lincolnshire about 1750 onwardsDiane Maltby08/02/2005
WELBOURN/WELBORN JohnSouth Hykeham,Lincolnshire 1740>Deb Beban17/01/2005
WELBOURNEGrantham,Lincolnshire 1700< >Mark06/09/2015
WELLS Joseph/Maria, Jane,Margaret,Thomas,Georgearound,country were travelling theatreEileen Bailey25/09/2005
WESTFIELD Arthur BeltonFlixborough,Lincolnshire 1875Skip Westfield11/07/2008
WESTFIELD JohnCrosby,Lincolnshire 1842Skip Westfield11/07/2008
WESTFIELD WilliamCrosby,Lincolnshire 1818Skip Westfield11/07/2008
WESTONUrchfont/Bristol,Wiltshire 1780+Bob Sanders03/09/2004
WHIT(T)AKERQuadring,Lincolnshire 1800/1880Ancestor Gateway11/12/2003
WHITAKERCrofton and Wragby,West Yorkshire 1700-1850Doreen Whitaker02/10/2004
WHITEChiswick,Middlesex 1840-1900Pat McCallum-Deal25/07/2004
WHITEEgton & Whitby,North Yorks 1700+Bob Sanders03/09/2004
WHITE Benjamin (and Sarah POWELL)Littleton on Severn,Gloucestershire 1791-1878Kimberley Hurst21/08/2004
WHITE Francisall,Oxfordshire 1720 -Shirley Mesman08/03/2004
WHITE FrancisCrowell, Sydenham,Oxfordshire 1777 - 1858Shirley Mesman08/03/2004
WHITE JohnInkpen,Berkshire c 1807Jane Waltho28/06/2004
WHITE JohnSydenham,Oxfordshire 1803 -Shirley Mesman08/03/2004
WHITE SarahLittleton on Severn/Olveston,Gloucestershire 1815-1892Kimberley Hurst21/08/2004
WHITNEY Ann/m.Robert HORNERHempstead,Essex 1704 d. Hempstead 1782/looking for Robert's parentsMichael HORNER20/08/2011
WHITTAKERHeckington,South Rauceby,Wilsford, Barrowby,Lincolnshire 19th centuryDiane Maltby08/02/2005
WHITTAKER Hannah TryphenaQuadring,Lincolnshire 1800 -1900A G31/01/2004
WIGGIN(WIGAN/WIGGON/WIGEN/WYGGEN all w/wo final "s"NE counties, SW counties,England prior to 1630Joy Wiggin-Robbins09/02/2005
WIGGIT/WIGGET JosephEdgebaston,Warwickshire 1780>Deb Beban17/01/2005
WILKINSHendon and Hampstead,Middlesex 1800 - presentDavid Wilkins23/10/2004
WILKINSON family including Martin or Maria daughter of Martinaround Farlesthorpe,Kent pre 1798Sara Davis02/01/2008
WILLERTONaround Lincoln,Lincolnshire 1700-1800Kevin & Lynne17/01/2006
WILLIAMSRuardean, Coleford,Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire 19c 20cSylvia Morgan24/02/2004
WILLIAMS Elizabethall,Berkshire 1790>Deb Beban17/01/2005
WINTER JohnSampford Arundel,Somerset allElizabeth Parry22/01/2005
WISEDrayton St Leonard,Oxfordshire 1200 - 1900Ken Wise12/05/2004
WISSENDEN SarahFaversham,Kent 1800sJane Waltho28/06/2004
WITHERSLondon and Bristol,London area 1790+Bob Sanders03/09/2004
WOODBurton Latimer/Wellingborough,Northants born around 1863 in Burton LatimerEileen Bailey25/09/2005
WOODCOCKStamford Baron,Stamford Baron 1700 - 1800'sMaureen OConnell11/07/2005
WOODERPaddington,London 1840s onwardsNiki30/01/2005
WOODWARDCoventry and Warwick,Warwickshire 1770 to 1900Diana Ford04/08/2005
WOODWARD JohnSt John Hampstead,Middlesex 1821 - 1864Wayne Woodward09/04/2009
WOOLRIDGELondon,London allElaine Davis13/05/2004
WRENReading,Berkshire all datesChristine Aitkin07/03/2004
WRIDE JABEZHanham Bitton,Gloucestershire about 1860Jane A Payne10/12/2004
WRIGHTHorton, Bradford,Yorkshire 1700 and 1800sCretia Olsen14/01/2005
WRIGHT John & Hedney(nee Rose)Heckington/Sutterton & surrounds,Lincolnshire 14/10/1827 onwardsSarah Feltham08/04/2010
WYKES Mary JaneSpratton,Northamptonshire 1960Anneka Waddington14/05/2004

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