England's finest ancient stone market town

STAMFORD was chosen as the town in which to film the major production of Jane Austen's PRIDE & PREJUDICE

Pride and Prejudice filming

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Filming took place in the streets of STAMFORD and Burghley House in 2004.
When you see the film you will want to visit STAMFORD, the most complete medieval town in England.

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Places to see and visit. Visit StamfordTown and stroll through the Meadows on your way to some of the features of Stamford, find the Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford Museum, churches, tearooms, restaurants, pubs, bookshops, boutiques, film locations (Pride and Prejudice and Middlemarch). Find "the best place to picnic", perhaps combine this with a visit to StamfordTown Market, the Riverside Festival, Burghley Historical Garden of Surprises, Burghley Horse Trials. Walk along the stamfordtown precinct and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Find some more Stamford Corners and share them with us.

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