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Post Date May 17, 2006 @ 12:53 PM
 St George's School Wharf Road Stamford
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 RE: St George's School Wharf Road Stamford
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 RE: St George's School Wharf Road Stamford
 RE: St George's School Wharf Road Stamford
 RE: St George's School Wharf Road Stamford

May 17, 2006 @ 12:53 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

When we were 7 we used to transfer from St John's School in Scotgate to St. George's School in Wharf Road.  We spent one year there before we transferred to All Saints' School in Austin Friars Lane.
St George's School was rather ancient and small but we had good teachers and the discipline was good.
Mrs Conrad was the Headteacher, Lottie Bryan taught the infants class and Jean Woodbridge had the top class.  Miss Woodbridge was very good at painting and used to produce large posters for the classroom to illustrate the subjects we were studying.  I remember once she brought into class a model ship she was making.  This was a galleon and had been painstakingly made from wood with all the little fiddly bits, ship's bell etc made to scale.  I was completely fascinated.
I did not like the school dinners but had to stay as it was too far to walk home (there were no car pickups then).

John Riley
October 21, 2006 @ 7:10 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

You don't mention any dates, but were you at All Saints' School in the 1940s?  My mother taught there before she married.  Her name was Olive Webb.(Ed:   I think  your mother must have been my first teacher there at All Saints' School John and she must already have been married as she was "Mrs Riley".  I remember she gave me some lines to write for talking in class - I can remember now what I had to write "what sum are you doing Joan?"  It certainly didn't stop me talking but I didn't do it any more in her class!)

John:  On the subject of St George's: I started there in January 1960, and was one of the first pupils to be taught in the new building on Kesteven Road when it opened in Spring 1962(?).  On the first morning in the new building (there were only two classrooms there at first) the new tables and chairs had not arrived, and I'm sure I remember sitting on boxes until they came.  I was in the upper of the two classes (I forget the name of the teacher - was it Mrs Kennington?), and returned to Wharf Road the next autumn for my final three years at the school.  Before the new building, all the boys moved school to complete their Primary Education - we referred to the Juniors as "the big girls"; but from that time on, the boys stayed through with the girls until the 11-plus.
Any readers help us out with memories of either the old or new St George's Schools?

November 4, 2006 @ 3:49 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Kate:  Thanks Margaret.  Yes, custard can be yucky if it comes with lumps!  The sight of it is enough to put you off in the first place.

April 29, 2009 @ 9:22 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

I started St. George's school at 5 in around 1945 and passed the 11 plus to go on to Stamford High School.  Our headmistress was, i seem to remember, Miss Brown and later Mrs Jeeves.  Lottie Bryan and Mrs Woodcock were teachers also i remember Miss or Mrs Banning.  I loved the school dinners (perhaps because i was always hungry)  My brother also attended but left at 7 to go to St. Martin's school as did all the boys. My sister joined at 5 years too, at one point all three of us were at the school together i have a photograph of all the school (i think all) at a Christmas Party and looking at the ages of us it must have been in about 1949.

Richard Campbell
May 4, 2009 @ 11:22 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

My Mother was a school dinner lady/playground superviser here for many years. Guess 60's and 70's.

Hi Richard.  If you send me your mother's first name I can include that as  it may help people  make the connection. Thanks for
posting. K

Richard Campbell
May 10, 2009 @ 3:56 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

My Motheres name is Joan Campbell.

My sister Margerite also went to St. Georges before going to Stamford High School.....mid sixties.


May 31, 2010 @ 11:38 AM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Class Taught by Miss Jean Woodbridge 1946

St Georges School Stamford 1946

Back row (l to r) Mollie Brooks Jane Bailey Vera Moston Gillian Summers Molly?
            Christine Brown, Shirley Francis, Yvonne Smith Jean Ansil?
Middle Row         Doreen Stubbs Shirley Johnson Peta Clapton Margaret Bunting
     Doreen Wade Marion Gigner Janet Jarnell Judith Benson Valerie Footitt
Front Row  Joyce Lambert Yvonne Mawer Dawn Howard Margaret Jackson
      Hazel Brown Irene Lonslow Pat Needham Janet Lee Sheila Flynn

A member of the forum has lent me the above photograph and has given me the following information about Education for Infants and Juniors circa 1946.
"At this time most infants were taught in mixed classes but went to separate boys or girls schools at the age of 7+ (in Sept following seventh birthday).In Stamford there were several schools for these age groups namely (i) St John's (West Street) (ii) St George's (Wharf Road) (iii) St Martin's (Kettering Road) (iv) Bluecoat (St Peter's Hill) (v) All Saints' (Austin Street) (vi) St Augustine's (Broad Street) and (vii) Fane School (Green Lane).  Fane School was a secondary school for girls with an infant department attached.  I think St Augustine's was junior and infant mixed but am not sure of this.
Infants (mixed) were also taught at St John's and St George's.  Junior girls (aged 7-11) were taught at All Saints' and Junior boys were taught at St Martin's and Bluecoat.  There were insufficient places for all girls to go to All Saints' at the age  of 7 so those attending St John's spent their first "junior" year at St John's where they were taught by the headmistress, Miss Boosey.  This was followed by one year at St George's where they were taught by Miss Woodbridge.  Some of the girls shown in the photograph were from St John's but others had been at St George's since starting school at the age of 5.  They all finally transferred to junior school at the age of 9+ when they attended All Saints'.  Girls from the Fane School Infant Department transferred to All Saints' at the age of 7+ and had the full four years of junior school there.  Boys transferred to either St Martin's or Bluecoat."

Kate:  Anyone out there recognise themselves in the photograph?
Double click on the photo to see larger image, then click on "All sizes" above photo to see the photo even larger.  At this point  Click on Stamfordtown photostream to see all the photos so far added.  On the right side the photos are arranged in
"Sets", so if you only want to look at say Schools or Sports teams, click on the appropriate set to get just that particular group of photos.
Site of St George's School Established 1815 (plaque)
St George's School Established 1815 (Plaque)

Clem Walden
June 1, 2010 @ 4:11 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Dear Kate, what a great photo and scripted information I transferred from the old Fane School to the Bluecoat 1946 that was then at the top of All Saints street almost next door to the "Wheatsheaf Pub" interesting to see all those local girls on the photo several of whom I still see from time to time. Those long walks to school that we all made each day made sure of our fitness together with those PE lessons. Respect for ones parents and teachers was assured then.
Had the cane a few times but never told my dad, did girls get the cane? or was it only the boys? perhaps the girls who visit this forum can tell me the answer?
Kate:  Yes, they are still girls to us Clem!

February 14, 2012 @ 10:23 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

I went to St Georges from 1971 to 1977. A few of us are trying to organise a class reunion so if anyone is on here from that class please contact me

Hi Richard.  Did you want me to publish your email address on-line on this space so that people can make direct contact?  If you email me a photo of the class if you have one from way back then I will publish it on here.  Thanks

Jill Matthews
February 19, 2012 @ 8:39 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Mrs. Conrad (now deceased - not Konrad) was my mother's cousin. She was Miss Ethel Brown before marrying towards the end of the war - a Polish gentleman who also became a teacher in Stamford  schools for many years up until the early 1980s.

Tim Lloydsmith
April 3, 2012 @ 3:25 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Very interesting to read about St George's. I attended this school from 1966 -1972 as plain old Tim Smith - making the transition from the old school to the Kesteven Rd site. I then went on to the Grammar School for about 2 weeks (!) before moving away as my parents suddenly split up. (rather more unusual in those days than now). Not a happy time.

I was trying to think of Miss Turner's name only the other day.  I remember her from the 60's - She had  untidy black & grey hair whipped back into a small plaited bun at the nape of her neck. Long wisps of it always escaped! She always wore long pleated skirts She used to rock out on the piano when playing hymns & I can still see her pumping the pedals furiously! There was a glimmer of softness & humour under that strict demeanour.. I wonder if she had a happy life as she seemed a little sad.  She probably had more to her than we were privy to know but she was a real old skool spinster from her appearances & manner.

Mr Jones - we used to call 'Taffy' & he did indeed break out into Latin, and also Welsh at times. He didn't like me much as he realised I was not into woodwork & games (my being prone to be lazy & then tell fibs in a panic  didn't help) He caught me out once pretending I had done my woodwork homework - oh the shame.. I'm sure he would have got over it instantly but I haven't! My balsa wood ships were always pitifully executed.. . Odd as I am an artist & something of a perfectionist now.  Perhaps these characters taught me more than I realised at the time. I can remember meeting him in town on a shopping trip with my Mother & he acted like I was one of his favourites, ruffling my hair etc. I was quite shocked at the change in him out of school. He still had a gleam in his eye though so maybe he was being ironic!
I still visit Stamford occasionally & my mind sometimes goes wandering back to my time living there all those years ago. It is incredible what one can recall with the odd thing to trigger it & this forum certainly does that.

Gillian Hendy
April 10, 2012 @ 12:34 AM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

I attended the Wharf Road site for about 3 years I think before the new site at Kesteven Road opened.

I remember the old girls toilets - outside and lonely.   Cold and dark too.

I too remember Mr Jones - Taff I think we called him.

Miss Turner too.   Years later I would see her around town, in her High School strippey blazer, wispy grey hair pulled tightly into a bun.

Gillian Hendy
April 10, 2012 @ 12:42 AM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

"I was trying to think of Miss Turner's name only the other day.  I remember her from the 60's - She had  untidy black & grey hair whipped back into a small plaited bun at the nape of her neck. Long wisps of it always escaped! She always wore long pleated skirts She used to rock out on the piano when playing hymns & I can still see her pumping the pedals furiously! There was a glimmer of softness & humour under that strict demeanour.. I wonder if she had a happy life as she seemed a little sad.  She probably had more to her than we were privy to know but she was a real old skool spinster from her appearances & manner."

Haha re-reading this made me smile.   Yes I can remember now I think about it how she did used to get totally into playing the piano - rocking out is a very good phrase to use!    I am sure underneath that strict exterior there was some humour as I recall seeing her smile on occasion.   I too wonder whether she had a happy life.   She lived in Ryall Road with her mother I think.   If you saw her at weekends she still wore her old Stamford High School Old Girls' blazer :)   oh and the pleated skirt as well.  Bless her.   I wonder what she thought dealing with all those youngsters?

joan stafford
April 15, 2012 @ 3:33 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

I think Miss Turner is still alive. I'm sure she is in Whitefriars Res.Home,in Ryhall Road.

At least most of the children  that passed through her hands learnt to read.  Did you know she still went to school every day after she had retired to help with reading. That is dedication!!!
Kate:  Yes Joan, we could do with some Miss Turners today, to get our children up to the standard she achieved with the classes she worked with.  All our teachers seemed a bit strict and "odd" when we were 5.  Well the ones I had mostly did.  I think at the age of 5 we were wishing we were back with our Mums.  How do  the little ones cope now they go out at 2+ - expect for some of them its a treat, others probably miss being in their own homes and let's face it, its a long day for a little one.

April 19, 2012 @ 4:54 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

I believe Winnie Turner is still alive and living at Whitefriaairs as Joan says. She was my nan's cousin and taught me to knit and sew in Class 6 at St Georges - I was there 1968 to 1974. She also used to play the piano at Stamford hospital and St George's Church.
The other teachers I remember are Mr Godwin - headmaster, Mr Jones, Miss Turner, Miss Newton, Miss Bagshaw, Mrs Burroughs, and Mrs Hartley.

tim lloydsmith
April 24, 2012 @ 4:22 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Ah Gillian yes - Miss Turner's striped blazer - how could I forget.

I am slightly amazed she is still with us, one makes the assumption - knocking on oneself that one's elders are long gone.

Mr Godwin gave me the cane for something once - probably talking!

Gillian Hendy
April 26, 2012 @ 6:58 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

I don't think I ever saw her in anything else :)
I wonder how old she was in the mid 60s when I was at St George's?  
Ah yes Mr Godwin was a great advocate of the cane I recall.

Jackie O'brien
June 7, 2012 @ 3:01 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Hello. I used to live on the corner of Blackfriars Street.  I went to St Georges school from 1964, I remember the out side toilets really well, also I remember having extra reading lessons, I can't remember who with.  It was in a room on the right, going up some steps and a black door if my memory serves me right.  I recall breaking one of the windows in this room too, from the outside!!!!!!  I also remember running down the playground and falling over ending up swallowing one of my teeth.    I remember walking to the front gate to get the school milk, and the metal railing separating the playground.  I think we had chalkboards and ink wells too.  I've remembered things I haven't thought of for many years. Thank you for this.
Kate: Hello Jackie.  Thanks for that memory.  It will help others on the Forum to remember their days at school.  Do you happen to have any photographs of school days or Stamford?

Peter Bowman
June 13, 2012 @ 2:03 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Thanks to everyone who has provided memories of Miss Green and Northfields School which I attended 1953-56. My sister went to a school which I think was in Wharf Road and was referred to as 'Wightleys School' named after the couple who ran it. It might have been the Priory School. It was similar to 'Miss Green's' in that it was small, presumably fee paying and based in a private house. Can anyone clarify these memories?

Ray Tyers
June 13, 2012 @ 8:18 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

I went to the Bluecoat but seem to remember at some stage the school used the then vacant st georges school building in wharf road. Probably just before we moved to the new building in Green lane ?  Still had outside toilets then

Gillian Hendy
June 13, 2012 @ 8:37 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Hi, I think you are referring to The Priory School which was located in a private house on the corner of Wharf Road and St Leonard's Street.   It was as far as I know the junior school.  
If there was another private school in Wharf Road I have never heard of it.

June 14, 2012 @ 6:44 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Priory College was originally Miss Whitleys and the uniform was Green.  This was in the 1950's as two girls I went to the High School with went to Miss Whitleys until they were 11.  I am sure there are other people out their who remember it being Miss Whitleys.  It was a private school.

Peter Bowman
June 14, 2012 @ 10:34 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Well, that's great to hear about my sister's school. She was called Diane Bowman and she too went to the High School for secondary education. If anyone remembers her, she now lives in Sweden.

Laura Purnell
September 10, 2012 @ 6:56 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

replying about Miss Turner.

She has just died.  A thanksgiving service for her life will be at St George's Church on Wednesday 12th September 2012 @ 12.30pm

Laura - thankyou for this - sorry I didn't see it in time to post it ahead of the Service.  Perhaps if you went to the Service you can send a short posting about it. Thankyou. Kate

Gillian Hendy
September 15, 2012 @ 11:08 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

I haven't logged on much recently so have just read this post.

Sorry to hear this news.  Very sad.

penny blamey
November 4, 2012 @ 3:50 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Hi Gillian, came across this all by chance, doing research on another topic.
Do you remember me? I was Penny Howard then?

Sorry to hear about Miss Turner. she used to do bits of my knitting at home to keep me going, as I was so awful at it!

Gillian Hendy
November 6, 2012 @ 9:37 AM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Yes Penny I do remember you :)    I knitted some bright yellow (ewww) mittens and I don't know whether it was at St George's or the High School but I was so bad at the piece that goes round your wrist that it was taken away from me for the teacher to do!  It may well have been Miss Turner if it was at St George's.    I have never knitted since :)

Hope all is well with you.

penny blamey
November 8, 2012 @ 4:57 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Sounds like Miss Turner to me. I was always amazed how my knitted scarf "grew" in my "needlework bag" (remember those?) from one lesson to the next. I would love to catch up, and hear news from Stamford, how can I email you?

July 27, 2013 @ 7:36 AM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

My Mum Peggy Crisp was lollipop lady at both Wharf Road and Kesteven Road before becoming a dinner lady at St Georges.  In all she work at the school for 30+ years.  Does anyone remember her?  All four of us went there to school Pat, Heather, Michael and then me, happy days!
Kate:  Anyone remember Viv's Mum, Peggy Crisp?  Hope so - she worked there for a long time.

Kev Earl
August 18, 2013 @ 4:12 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

I went to St George's from 66- 73, starting at Wharf road for a term or two before the school moved to new site at Kesteven rd. I remember Mrs Crisp the lollipop lady, as I recall she lived dead opposite school gates and just walked out of her front garden to work. My teachers were class 1 Mrs Fox, 2 Mrs German(very fierce)3 Mrs Burrows, 4 Miss Bagshaw( if she caught you talking out of turn she would stand behind you grab your shoulders and administer the dreaded Baggy shake) 5 Miss Newton (left to become a missionary) 6 Miss Chester ( she also taught my 3 children at Malcom Sargent) 7 Mr Jones. Headmasters were Mr Godwin, Mr Jones, Mr Kirk. School secretary Mrs Norman, and dinner ladies I recall were Mrs Williams and Mrs Edwards. Lots of memories, not least the sloping football pitch and Mr Thomson's enthusiastic and theatrical referee performances.Not such a fond memory is Miss Turners Scottish country dancing sessions when weather prevented outdoor sport.

Gillian Hendy
August 30, 2013 @ 11:43 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Reading about Mrs Crisp made me remember her well.    Reading about Mrs German made me remember her too.   I recall a mauve tweed suit she would wear.

Zoe Ballard
September 30, 2017 @ 3:47 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

We are currently producing a film about the schools in Stamford. Would we be able to have permission to use some of the information in the thread in our 5 minute film?

Kind regards
Yes, certainly. Please acknowledge the source of any extracts - Thanks Kate

Judith Wheeler now Richards
October 23, 2017 @ 7:17 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

It was Miss Winifred Turner and she lived on Rhyall Road with her mother.

Judith Richards
October 23, 2017 @ 7:20 PM Reply  |  Email  |  Print  |  Top

Miss Winfred Turner