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The following links will help you in your research.
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and use our useful cluster of links all in one convenient place. The links have been set up to take you to the first useful page of each site, saving you time navigating to the page you need.

To new researchers, we suggest that you look up your ancestor's birth, marriage or death on FreeBMD first (RootsWeb logo) - then cross-check the result on Family Research Link (black logo) confirming district, volume and page or indeed find it there if it's not on FreeBMD. Family Research Link is a complete Index for births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales 1837 - 2001 (it is a pay site and works out at 10p per page viewed - payable in amounts of £5 by card on-line, i.e. you can view 50 pages within 45 days of purchase. Sessions can be closed and the amount left from your £5 carried forward to be used in another session at a later date.)

Once you have the reference numbers to order your Certificate, click on 'Order Your Certificate' and order this on-line from the General Register Office England & Wales. (cost £7 this takes about a week to be delivered to your home address).

To view the 1901 census for England and Wales and to search by Name or Address click on the 1901 census link. This is a pay site and can be accessed either by using your card (gives 48 hours access) or by using a voucher usually obtainable from your library at the cost of £5 upwards and this method of payment expires in 6 months or when all the units purchased have been used, whichever is the earliest.

Gravestones Research

Enter your surname & check whether we have details of your family gravestones

Free information and email images of actual gravestones in England.

Gravestones provide valuable information which may not be available from other sources.
You may have arrived at a pause in your research when you are trying to find details of an ancestor from a previous generation and you cannot establish the missing link.
You are unable to discover the information you need.

As gravestones do not last forever - the search is on to find your particular family memorial before the inscription is eroded by weather and the passage of time. If you obtain details of the inscription of your family memorial this can be noted in your family archives and handed down to the next generation.

If you are successful in your search on our site, we may also be able to send you an email image of the actual gravestone. You might later choose to visit the location and even if the words have become difficult to decipher you will recognise the stone by the shape - many old stones are very elaborate and individual with carvings, initials, crosses and angels.

If you know that your ancestor lived in England why not try entering the family name and see the result of your search. During our research we have built up a record of names (mostly from 1800 to 1940). If you find several entries you can check for your ancestor's full name and may be successful in finding a match.

On receipt of confirmation that this is a record in which you are interested, we may be able to send you an email image of the gravestone. The stone may reveal details of additional ancestors previously unknown to you. It may also state their relationship to the ancestor you are currently researching and reveal important dates to help you in your research. Place names, occupations and dates of birth are sometimes found on the stone.

We may be able to send you 1 free email image in addition to the information you have already found.

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