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Family Name Location Originator
PALING Weston Hills & Whitby,Lincs and N. Yorks Bob Sanders
PARKER Stamford,Lincolnshire Maureen OConnell
PARKER London,Essex, Kent, Sussex Brian Parker
PARKER William/married ROWLAT Anna 2 Dec 1707 Empingham Rutland -any details on this couple greatly appreciated,Rutland John Grant
PARSONS Mary (nee Townsend) Birmingham,Warwickshire Verna (Parsons) Mathieson
PARTRIDGE family Manton and Stamford,Rutland and Lincolnshire Michael Partridge
PATMAN Quadring,Lincolnshire A G
PAYNE George and Robert William christened Orpington,Kent Phyllis Arnold
PAYNE Robert and Catherine 3 Clerkenwell Green,London Phyllis Arnold
PEACE Briestfield/Thornhill,Lincolnshire Janet Hunt
PEARCE Thame,Oxfordshire Don Pearce
PEARCY Elizabeth and family Warwick/Wigan,Lancashire Kimberley Hurst
PECK Otterton and Bristol,Devon Bob Sanders
PERCIVALL all,Middlesex David Wilkins
PERRY Headington,Oxfordshire A G
PETT Kingston, Wimpole areas,Cambridgeshire John Wareham
PHAZIE/PHESEY Catherine all,Warwickshire Deb Beban
PHELPS/PHELPES/FFELP All,Oxfordshire Eve Evans
PHILIP all,Aberdeenshire Alan Isaac
PHIPPS Oddington,Gloucestershire Davnet Barker
PICKER Sarah any,Huntingdonshire Kathy Irwin
PIKE London/Hackey/Shoreditch,Middlesex Pam Dale
PIKE Ann wife of Morris PIKE Buxhall,Suffolk Sue Coleman
PIKE Morris + wife Ann and children Buxhall,Suffolk Sue Coleman
PINE Thomas Henry Bristol, Hammersmith, Fulham,Middlesex Debbie Valentine
PIPER Ethel May (nee FARMER) Bridgnorth,Shropshire Linda Jones
POPE Baston,Bourne and Langtoft,Lincolnshire Angela Grimley
PORTER John & Edward & George see Ancestor Forum family history for more information Heckington,Lincolnshire Susan Elaine Porter
POWELL Ruardean, Coleford,Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire Sylvia Morgan
POWELL Stourbridge,West Midlands Shawn Powell
POWELL Sarah Littleton on Severn,Gloucestershire Kimberley Hurst
PRICE Warminster (area known as The Common),Wiltshire Leonie Serle
PROCTOR Margaret nee SCOTT wife of Richard PROCTOR(architect) Newcastle-upon-Tyne Northumberland,died in South Africa 1950. daughter of John SCOTT Amy
PUTT Cassington,Oxfordshire Mark Jackson
PYBUS Manchester and environs,Lancashire David Wilkins
PYNE Ethel Agnes London,London area Debbie Valentine
PYNE Henry John Birmingham,Warwicks Debbie Valentine
PYNE May Birmingham,Warwickshire Debbie Valentine
PYNE Thomas Henry (police Sergeant) Portsmouth,Hants Debbie Valentine